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BUSS is a global leader in compounding systems for demanding applications. As the original manufacturer of the reciprocating Kneader technology, BUSS offers unique compounding solutions that continue to set the standard for heat or shear critical applications in the plastics, aluminum, chemical and food industries.

BUSS’ core competence is customer and application-specific solutions of advanced compounding tasks. Always in line to the high demands on process technology and product quality as well as the constantly increasing technological market needs. The performance strength and investment security in our compounding systems can be summarized in two words: Swiss quality. All of this makes us a leading supplier of high-quality compounding technology.

Latest News

BUSS at PLAST 2023

Last week we were at PLAST 2023 in Milan, Italy. The fair was a good opportunity for valuable exchange with potential customers and clients. Again and again, our three focus applications PVC compounds, bioplastics and rubber compounds as well as their recycling were the topic of discussion.

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What our customers say about BUSS:

“Since the beginning of our partnership with BUSS, PLASCOM is successfully using BUSS compounding lines to manufacture polymer compound for wire & cables.”

Eng. Samir Allouni (Plant Manager) Arab Co. for Cable Polymers Ltd. (PLASCOM)

“BUSS is a great partner as the quality of its products and the output are high, maintenance is low and spare parts are rarely required. The BUSS compounder is a very good product and disposes of features that makes it unique.”

Jameel Almasri (Projects Manager) Arabian Gulf Manufacturers

“BUSS is a great partner because BUSS is High Tech. Thank you for the good work.”

Mohammed Jouda Abdul Aziz (PVC Plant Production Manager) Bahra Cables

“After several days of stoppage due to a brake in our kneader we have restarted the production and fortunately everything is OK. The collaboration with the Buss team was very useful and fulfilled all of our requirements. It was a very nice experience to work together “on line” with the Buss team in Switzerland and our team in Argentina. Thank you very much for your kind and useful collaboration.”

Esteban Cobo Aluar (Head Carbon Dept), Aluar Aluminio Argentino

“I express my sincere thanks for both of your continued support and understanding since the beginning of the project. Your hard work has laid a solid foundation for a long-term cooperation between NFC and BUSS. I hope that we can continue our sincere cooperation and make persistent efforts to provide technical service and maintenance work and make great efforts for NFC and BUSS on establishing a good reputation.”

Mr. Hao, project manager of NFC

“The BUSS Kneader is good compounding with high quality.”

SIPCHEM, Gulf Advanced Cable Insulation

“BUSS is an excellent partner as its compounding delivers a very good performance. Besides, the technical support from the BUSS team is perfect. BUSS means full understanding in commercial terms.”

Ihab Sharaf (plant manager) Gulf Plastic & Converting Industries

BUSS Operating Principle

Oscillating screw shaft, optimal mixing, extremely short processing length, superior temperature control.

The excellent mixing capabilities of BUSS Kneaders can be attributed to the unique operating principle which features simultaneous rotation and axial oscillation of the mixing and kneading screw shaft.

The oscillating screw shaft ensures intensive material exchange in an axial direction by multiple splitting, folding and reorientation of the product.

This results in an excellent distributive mixing effect and optimal distribution of the raw materials. BUSS Kneader Technology is particularly effective when liquid components have to be incorporated or high degree of fillers need to be added.

Process Technology

The BUSS Kneader is a highly versatile compounding system that sets the standard for the most demanding mixing applications.


BUSS’ fully-equipped test center is design for research and development, process optimization and customer sampling.


BUSS’ experienced technicians can provide support and training for all aspects of maintenance, repair, and safety of the BUSS compounding systems.

Service Solutions

Buss’ service solutions are set up to optimize every phase of the system’s lifecycle, reducing downtime and increasing production.

Process Support

Our compounding expertise is available to customers for process improvement, product development and optimal plant efficiency.

Service Packages

With Buss’ Full Service Package, you can keep your plant and machinery running at peak performance over its entire life cycle.

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