The new compounder generation. Incredibly flexible.

The polymer industry’s innovation and earnings potential lies in the production of extremely high quality compounds. End products should be reinforced, scratch-resistant, flame-retardant, weather-resistant and at the same time resource-saving. This requires a compounder which easily and thoroughly mixes in significant amounts of additives. Meet COMPEO, the new state-of-the-art compounder delivering more diversity in its application, greater flexibility in process engineering, and increased value added in compound manufacturing.

COMPEO – in motion!

„Incredibly flexible.“ This is the promise of our new COMPEO compounder generation for the polymer and plastics industry. COMPEO is the new, ultra-modern compounder with twin screw extruder from BUSS, which offers more variety in application, more flexibility in process engineering and a higher added value in compound production.

Incredibly different

The new compounder generation

New configurable process zone

Compounding technology for polymers

Innovative discharge concept

Innovative control concept

Swiss Quality at its best

COMPEO – future-ready!

COMPEO – the best from all series!

The allrounder among the compounding systems

COMPEO combines its predecessors’ performance and robustness in a unique, multifunctional series. The series was developed for all temperature ranges up to 400°C. It has a process window that is unparalleled. Given the system’s modular construction and novel process geometries, COMPEO can be used within an extremely diverse application spectrum, extending far beyond previous Buss Kneader applications – from temperature-sensitive thermosets to demanding, technical thermoplastics.

The newly developed machine concept

Thanks to its modular structure, the COMPEO series can be precisely configured to meet the specific compounding application. Systematic standardization of the modules used results in considerable investment cost savings. Maintenance outlay is kept low by using highly resistant surface-hardened materials in the process zone. The ergonomics of the COMPEO system design simplifies operation and simultaneously reduces application errors and downtimes.

Improved raw materials feed

The new COMPEO series achieves the performance of its predecessor series using lower speeds, but also due to ideal fill levels. As a standard, raw materials are metered in freefall via an enlarged inlet opening. Alternatively, inlet screws or side feeders can be used. Thanks to the operating principle of the twin screw and backventing, they ensure efficient feeding, even if there are high filler contents.

Very operator-friendly and energy-efficient

When designing COMPEO, emphasis was placed on ergonomics, ease of maintenance, and energy efficiency. Pipes and lines are laid mostly inside the machine behind easy-to-clean panels. The gearbox is covered with a soundproofing hood that also improves operational safety. To minimize energy losses, the process section is thermally insulated.

One design – different sizes!


COMPEO 55 camA
COMPEO 55 camB