Exactly 50 years ago, a group of young, committed people successfully completed their apprenticeship at BUSS. Last week, we had the pleasure to welcome these men back to our headquarters in Pratteln, Switzerland. The veterans of BUSS got to visit our new technical center, the modernized production hall and to meet current employees. For them, it was exciting to inspect our newest developments in compounding technology. For us, it was inspirational to hear about the history of BUSS, to compare what has changed and what has stayed the same.

This company was founded as the ‘Albert Buss & Cie for Steel Constructions’ by Carl Albert Buss more than a century ago. Exactly a 100 years ago, it was changed to its present day name: Buss AG. Since then, BUSS has seen many more changes and developments over the years, with new technologies emerging, markets expanding. With the class of 1969 visiting the BUSS headquarters, exploring our new compounding machine designs and meeting the current employees, one thing became quite clear: people at BUSS are devoted, even after 50 years. It was quite an emotional moment for all attendees, with one extraordinary encounter:

Gianluca Tregnago (left),
Kurt Isenegger (70, middle), former teacher of Gianluca Tregnago
Kurt Isler (95, right), former teacher of Kurt Isenegger

Area Sales Manager Gianluca Tregnago walked past the new technical center, where the BUSS veterans were visiting, and he happened to see his former mentor Kurt Isenegger (70). Kurt Isenegger was one of the graduates in 1969, who had the chance to meet his old mentor again, Kurt Isler (95). Three generations of BUSS employees, former students turned teachers, what an uplifting moment! Gianluca Tregnago was lost for words: “I was totally taken by surprise by the emotions, but at the same time I am proud to have experienced this short moment with this crew.”

To all our former and current employees: thank you for your loyalty and good work over the last century. You make BUSS extraordinary!

Read more about the company’s history here: https://www.busscorp.cn/en/about-us/