When developing COMPEO, BUSS engineers considered every little detail and optimized all individual parts of the compounder. The new discharge unit, for example, is based on the principle of a slowly rotating conical twin screw, which allows for a controlled discharge, eliminating unwanted temperature increases. The discharge unit is designed to ensure maximum conveying efficiency, even in case of higher back pressure.

Based on a modular design, the COMPEO series guarantees maximum access for cleaning and maintenance, as well as high flexibility for a wide range of compounding applications. This development journey culminated in the launch of COMPEO last year. But it is far from over. We are continuously testing COMPEO for all kinds of applications and scenarios in our technical center at BUSS headquarters in Pratteln, Switzerland.

It took BUSS roughly six months to relocate and upgrade its technical center, and this week,  Joerg Weber, Head of the Technical Center, reported to CEO Philip Nising about the first test in the new premises. We are happy to share our updates from trials once in a while. Afterall, all of the developing, engineering and testing that BUSS does is for our customers and their compounding needs.