This year, Chinaplas could take place in contrast to last year and BUSS also sent representatives of its Chinese subsidiaries to participate in this industry event. The booth promoted the introduction of the COMPEO series. It perfectly combines the performance and robustness of its predecessors, and is a unique multifunctional compounder series. In addition to its performance, the flexibility of use is another competitive highlight of the COMPEO. Thanks to the modular design, this compounding system can be configured from standardized modules according to the requirements of different products. Answering on actual needs of customers, BUSS provides tailor-made solutions, which can be dedicated to one or multiple applications. The COMPEO kneader series is suitable for applications in various temperature ranges (up to 400°C), from temperature-sensitive thermosets to high-performance engineering plastics.

An internationally renowned customer in the plastics compounding industry mentioned that the current competition in China’s plastics processing industry is increasingly focused on differences, versatility and flexibility. Due to COMPEO´s efficiency, the impact of versatility needs to be considered. Based on the general configuration, it can flexibly meet the needs of the market. BUSS’ COMPEO was born in response to the times and trends, and BUSS is ready to serve the needs of the market.

Mr. Ma Guannan, the new general manager of Buss Compounding Solutions (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., on the company’s development and how to improve service: “We have to maintain our advantages and strengthen the existing market, actively explore and develop emerging markets such as bioplastics, lithium batteries, etc. We will do localization research which is not only the localization of the machine itself, but of the entire process knowledge. In addition, BUSS plans to establish a laboratory in China to help customers complete compounding process development and production capacity estimation, so as to be more quickly integrated into the market development.”

Facts and Figures

More than 3,600 exhibitors were in this year´s show, which is the same number as 2019.

Total number of visitors: 152,134

Overseas visitors: 2,363

Chinese visitors: 149,771 (increased by 23.46% compared to 2019).

The live broadcast platform has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.