The optimum material composition for high-voltage power cables is still a major issue. Together with P&M Cable Consulting we have developed an individual solution for a Chinese cable manufacturer.

Denis Labbé, owner and consultant at P&M Cable Consulting LLC, summarizes the results of the joint project: “Based on the successful cooperation between P&M Cable Consulting (Geneva, CH) and BUSS AG (Pratteln, CH), a cable manufacturer in China is now able to produce high-quality 220kV power cables using the Partners’ joint know-how and technology package. The particularity of the required extra-smooth interior/exterior semiconductor and insulation compounds, which were produced locally on-site, lies in the combination of BUSS’ innovative compounding technology and an improved peroxide impregnation process with P&M’s superior compound formulations. The performance of the produced cables demonstrates once more the ability of P&M and BUSS as a team to provide customers with state-of-the-art cable compound technology and support them in meeting highest standards of the Wire and Cable industry.”

Thanks to the many years of compounder experience at BUSS, the know-how of the employees and the possibilities in our own test laboratory, the development of such individual solutions is possible.